William Jeffrey and Mary Lyall
 Family History and Bi-Centennial

  Cobourg's Grand Vision: Victoria Hall


This is the family genealogy and stories of William Jeffrey and Mary (Lyall) Jeffrey who arrived in Upper Canada in 1820, settling in the Cobourg area.

Here we assemble the researched information on our Scottish immigrant family, their ancestors and descendants. We strive to have well-documented facts and show where facts are weak.

Search here to find information we have documented for ancestors or (deceased) descendants of William and Mary. For each person you will see Notes and references to the Sources we have used. Actual source documents are in John Cowan's Library that he is willing to share with interested family members. You can also view charts or trees showing relationships.

Several of us are planning a CELEBRATION OF THE BI-CENTENNIAL of William and Mary's arrival in Cobourg. This family gathering will take place in Cobourg, Ontario, Sept 18-20, 2020. Cobourg and Ontario are great places to visit, and you will meet new and familiar cousins, from near and far. We are planning special events in Cobourg and welcome you to contact John Cowan (see below) for details.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Invitation to the Jeffrey Bi-Centennial Celebration - with Hotel and Event registration details.

feature 2 Tourist Attractions Guidance for visitors from afar to help them plan a holiday trip around the Bi-Centennial

feature 3 Bi-Centennial Event Outline Current plans for the event Sept 18-20, 2020 in Cobourg Ontario

feature 4 Jim Jeffrey's Website - developed by Jim Jeffrey featuring his family descended from William & Mary Jeffrey's grandson Henry Jeffrey. It contains much of the same data as this site, but also includes pictures and documents

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